Definitions for "Deterioration"
The process of growing worse, or the state of having grown worse.
To become worse, to become of lessor value, quality or character, to disintegrate.
Reflecting the loss in value brought due to wear and tear, disintegration, use in service, and the actions of the elements.
for produce, deterioration can be used interchangeably with spoilage, When applicable to non food products such as packaging materials, deterioration is a physical or chemical change in the material that may adversely affect the safety of the food.
Product spoilage, damage to the package, etc. This is one of the considerations in inventory carrying cost.
A permanent change in the physical properties of a plastic evidenced by impairment of these properties.
The process of gradual worsening or depreciation. Back to the Top
the degeneration of a property's condition caused by use, the environment, time, and other factors.It is a key cause of depreciation and lowering property value.If you're considering purchasing foreclosed real estate, you must consider deterioration, as many real estate owned properties have been vacant for some time before being resold and therefore may suffer from some forms of deterioration.This is one of the reasons why a thorough inspection of all repossessed homes is vital before purchasing.
Reduction of property value from usage, which is worsened when repairs and maintenance are not made.
Undesired change in properties of an adhesive caused by aging, weathering, etc.
types, causes, and assessment; when spalling is the primary focus, it is listed separately
The downgrading of a product due to long storage, damage to packing or other external influences.
Damage occurring over a period of time due to a lack of maintenance.
decline in quality over a period of time due to chemical or physical action of the environment
a symptom of reduced quality or strength
When meat turns brownish red after sitting for some time, a signal that the meat has lost freshness and quality.
referring to any loss of structure or function; may or may not lead to cell death or permanent elimination of cell processes.
The gradual loss of data stored by a speech recognition results object. The information in a results object can occupy a significant amount of memory, so an engine developer may permit the object to discard data automatically as time passes.
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process of changing to an inferior state
a warning signal that the situation needs to be investigated