Definitions for "Thousand Years"
a long long time but it should be a time for the revival of a town, not euthanasia
a long nurturing period, and it shows
a long time, and clearly your brain has trouble with it enough that you think you can comprehend the changes during it enough to rationalize away the possibility of dramatic evolutionary changes
Keywords:  anya, joyce, maybe, wonder, buried
a LOT longer, and maybe it's only now that Joyce has died that Anya might start to wonder about her own family, buried back there in the past - assuming she can even remember them
Keywords:  aeon, romance, beautifully, sung, quiet
a quiet, aeon-spanning romance (sung beautifully, which helps)
a soft and sophisticated song with warm pads and acoustic guitar
Keywords:  mankind, massive, segment, history
a massive segment in the History of Mankind
Keywords:  truly, awesome, book
a truly awesome book
Keywords:  dream, coming, day
a Day Dream Coming
Keywords:  good
a good while," said