Definitions for "Pads"
Keywords:  paw, hairless, tough, cat, rexine
The tough hairless cushions on the soles of a cat's paws.
"Paw" pads are those at the end of the "arms" of a teddy bears. "Foot" pads are those on the soles of the feet. Pads are usually made of felt, but may also be made of rexine (for teddy bears made in 1940's or later), leather or cotton.
Tough hairless cushions on the bottom of a cats paw
Keywords:  pcb, storers, pppoe, discovery, epa
U.S. EPA PCB Activity Database System
PCB Activity Database System. Database of PCB handlers (generators, transporters, storers or disposers).
PPPoE Active Discovery Session-confirmation
Keywords:  ahds, jisc, defunct, arts, performing
defunct acronym for: AHDS Performing Arts
Performing Arts Data Service. One of the Service Providers of the Arts and Humanities Data Service. A JISC funded service.
Performance Appraisal and Development Scheme
a signature based detection engine used to passively detect network assets
Passive Acoustic Display Simulator is an acoustic analysis computer based training (CBT) devise.
noun, pl. Usually knee and elbow pads, which skateboarders use to protect themselves when riding. Usually only used for ramp riding, but often required in situations which require insurance.
Leather, plastic or other materials cut to the shape of shoe, and placed between the shoe and hoof. Used for various therapeutic purposes.
Keywords:  frog, climbing, toes, flat, fingers
The flat endings of toes or fingers which assist the frog in climbing
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name of a CAD program
Permanent Architectural Dwelling Space: unified steel & cement living module
position and azimuth determining system
Keywords:  bow, see
See " Bow pads".
Keywords:  tank, attachments, piece, material
A piece of material attached to the tank shall to which various attachments are made.