Definitions for "Presser Foot"
Keywords:  zig, zag, sewing, hem, steady
L-shaped mechanical lever with a large opening in the base through which the needle must pass when sewing. For each stitch penetration, the presser foot comes down and pushes the fabric flat against the machine table, holding it steady for the needle to penetrate. After the needle raises back up, the presser foot rises as well, allowing the pantograph to move the garment to the next stitch point.
Noun: The part of the sewing machine or serger that holds the fabric against the throat plate. Many specialty presser feet are available to perform extra functions.
The part of the sewing machine that holds the fabric in place as it is being sewn and fed through by the feed dogs. Specialty feet such as zig zag, buttonhole, cording, blind hem, and others are often included with a sewing machine upon purchase and are best learned by consulting the sewing machine manual.