Definitions for "Simulator"
A machine which closely resembles a linear accelerator which allows the necessary calculations to be made before starting treatment.
Specialised X-ray machine used to plan radiotherapy treatment.
Apparatus resembling a linear accelerator which allows rehearsal of the treatment position and allows the calculation of the radiation treatment prior to its commencement on a linear accelerator.
This is a small computer linked up to the bells, usually by means of optics. It will sound the bell it is linked to, and it can 'put in' the other bells. A simulator is very useful for training purposes.
A ground-based device used to train pilots which simulates flight scenarios, including emergency situations.
A device that creates an environment that is as close as possible to reality. In flight simulators, engineers create a cockpit environment identical to the one in a real airplane. In a flight simulator a pilot will see, hear and feel like he or she is in a real aircraft.
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The Simulator is a software program included in Code Warrior that runs on your PC and simulates what the HCS12 does. You can run and debug a program in the simulator environment without ever connecting to an HCS12 system.
a development and debugging tool used in development and testing
a different tool entirely
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(IEEE) A device, computer program, or system that behaves or operates like a given system when provided a set of controlled inputs. Contrast with emulator. A simulator provides inputs or responses that resemble anticipated process parameters. Its function is to present data to the system at known speeds and in a proper format.
Menu for running the simulation.
is a simulated nuclear power reactor control room with gauges, instruments and controls connected to a computer. The computer is programmed to behave like a nuclear reactor and respond to operator actions and commands. The simulator is used in training nuclear operators in controlling the reactor and responding to simulated transients and accidents.
The piece of equipment on which simulation is accomplished.
a much more forgiving piece of equipment than an airplane
a mechanical devise employing multiple actuators which can simulate various forms of motion, such as airplanes, cars or dinosaurs. SimEx's simulators are state-of-the-art electric simulators with 4 or 6 axes.
() a device that allows someone to reproduce under test conditions the phenomena likely to occur in actual performance
a device that allows a user or users to practice, test, or evaluate "real-world" procedures in a simulated environment
a device that may use any combination of sound, sight, motion and smell to make you feel that you are experiencing an actual situation
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One who simulates, or feigns.
An individual simulator is a component that simulates a certain form of a disaster (such as a fire), which makes changes to the world by sending input to the kernel. Just like an agent, a simulator performs actions that make changes to a certain aspect on the world over time. The kernel then translates this information into its effect on the world setting, and updates the world information in the WID accordingly.
a way to standardize the test
A generic term used to describe a family of equipment used to represent threat weapon systems in developmental testing, operational testing, and training. A threat simulator has one or more characteristics which, when detected by human senses or man-made sensors, provide the appearance of an actual threat weapon system with a prescribed degree of fidelity.
a computer programme that creates the model of existing external conditions and generates output
an interactive physical model
a representative model that does not necessarily operate the same way internally as the real device
a game that makes it as real as it can possibly be
A game genre that replicates actions of "real" life. Some sims are more realistic than others. For instance, many fight simulation games are more realistic than the average physics in a flying game.
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a simulation of the Rapid Transit Authority