Definitions for "Diagnostics"
Programs, located in read-only memory that detect and identify abnormal system hardware operation.
A procedure or program that is run internally to test a piece of software or hardware and ensure that it is operating properly. For example, if R2-D2 of...
this can include blood workup, ECG, x-rays, urinalysis, cultures, biopsy, stains, etc. (tests to determine cause of abnormalities)
Verification of proper system and subsystem operations by means of fault isolation programming techniques.
Procedures and systems which detect and isolate a malfunction or mistake in a communications device, network, or system.
Software routines or microcode used to check equipment malfunctions or to pinpoint faulty components.
That part of medicine which has to do with ascertaining the nature of diseases by means of their symptoms or signs.
serving to identify a particular disease, pathogen, or hazard
more accurate and quicker identification of pathogens using new diagnostics based on molecular characterization of the pathogens.
The exploration the repair facility performs to your vehicle in order to determine the repairs needed for your vehicle to be operable properly. Warranty plans typically do not cover diagnostics.
The exploration the repair facility performs to your vehicle in order to determine the required repairs. Most auto warranty plans typically do not cover diagnostics.
Means used to recognize and evaluate illness/disease. The more exact a diagnosis is, the more targeted a therapy can be implemented in most cases.
a distinguishing feature used as supporting evidence in a diagnosis OR the practice of diagnosis
Collective term for all examinations leading to the diagnosis of an illness.
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Reporting the operational status of a connected display system back to the central management system
Data gathered by an ICD or pacemaker to evaluate a patient's rhythm status, verify system operation, or assure delivery of appropriate system therapies.
a member of the Southwestern Working Group on DNA Analysis Methods (SWIGDAM)
Abbreviation for an electronic diagnostic system that monitors input signals from sensors and analyses or stores data for later investigation.
The investigation or analysis of the cause or nature of a condition, situation, or problem, such as vehicle diagnostics, which address engines.
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Procedures performed by the dentist to identify what's going on in the mouth. The most common procedures you will deal with are the exam and x-rays classifies as preventive.
Messages that describe the results of processing.
Error messaging in a program’s source code that refers to messages/syntax that the application’s compiler cannot understand.
Instruments or techniques used to assess the developmental needs of an individual. Learn more
The value of the attribute is a list of references to diagnostic elements.