Definitions for "Alleviate"
To lighten or lessen the force or weight of.
To lighten or lessen (physical or mental troubles); to mitigate, or make easier to be endured; as, to alleviate sorrow, pain, care, etc. ; -- opposed to aggravate.
make easier; "you could facilitate the process by sharing your knowledge"
Keywords:  palliate, extenuate
To extenuate; to palliate.
Keywords:  burdensome, bear, hard, less
To make less burdensome or less hard to bear.
Keywords:  burden, remove
To remove a burden
Keywords:  evenly, pill, headaches, pain, relief
to reduce pressure or pain or difficulties If we insert this beam, it will distribute the stress more evenly and alleviate the pressure at this particular point. alleviation (n)
provide physical relief, as from pain; "This pill will relieve your headaches"