Definitions for "NEV"
Keywords:  thaw, granular, snow, freeze, repeated
Old snow which has been transformed into a dense material.
Well consolidated snow that has been formed by repeated freeze thaw cycle. Usually found in areas which have permanent snow fields or which hold the snow for long periods of time.
Permanent granular ice formed by repeated freeze-thaw cycles.
zone of accumulation in high portion of glacier where firn is found.
1. Same as firn. 2. Same as accumulation area.
Neighbourhood electric vehicle
Neighborhood Electric Vehicle
Keywords:  neutral, voltage, earth
Neutral to earth voltage
Keywords:  intended, economic, sheet, capital, net
Net economic value. A calculation to determine the risk that changing interest rates will place on a corporate's capital. NEV is intended to show how the economic values of both sides of the balance sheet will change in relation to one another as interest rates change.