Definitions for "Criterion-referenced assessment"
an assessment designed to show what a student knows, understands, or can do in relation to specific performance objectives. Criterion-referenced assessments are used to identify student strengths and weaknesses. For example, "She typed 55 words per minute without errors." Criterion-referenced assessments focus on what each child has learned and assume that most students can achieve the objectives of the curriculum.
"A score that compares a student's performance to specific standards." The student is assessed in reference to some student outcome that can be expected as a result of an education experience (i.e., a degree of mastery of identified criteria. Criteria are qualities that can provide evidence of achievement of goals or outcomes, such as comprehension of concepts introduced or reinforced, a kind of inquiry behavior encouraged, or a technique practiced for its potential contribution to the skill of the artist/student or the meaning/communication of the art work. It makes sense to assess in terms of what a teacher believes was taught.
Assessing students according to how well they meet standards or criteria of performance at the end of a teaching period. CRA is a form of contract: the ILOs tell the students what to do in order to obtain a certain grade, so if the student meets those criteria that grade should be awarded.