Definitions for "Assessments"
A charge or obligation imposed by a government upon property specifically benefiting from a local district activity.
Special charges by a municipality or neighborhood association for a set purpose and set period of time. For example, assessments might be charged for sewers, sidewalks, streetlights, and neighborhood facilities. Assessment may also refer to the valuation of the home for tax purposes.
Council Tax) Special and Local taxes imposed on the property to recognise services provided by the community.
Measuring and evaluating pupil performances. Methods include standardised tasks and tests, especially at the end of key stages of the National Curriculum.
Terms used in TAM for student assignments. Assessments are instructional and attached by the teacher to an assessment type selected from a list created by the LEA.
An assessment is an approved, standardized method for determining eligibility for special education services through testing and other sources. Assessments also determine present levels of ability and progress and services needed to meet a child's needs.
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These are great fun and you get to travel around a lot and meet loads of people from poor villages. The most important thing is to just go, starting a programme can be really difficult so you may never come back to the village even if there are some big problems. At least you have given the people some support and an opportunity for them to give you their hospitality (with wild game and colourful baskets), which makes poor village people really proud and happy.
The processing of unit assessments in SAMIS will affect the way assessment patterns are presented in the programme and unit catalogues - you will see a difference in the format of the assessment patterns for units for which assessment is currently being processed through SAMIS (e.g. CW 100%) as opposed to units for which assessment is not currently processed in this manner (e.g. CW100). For units whose assessment is processed via SAMIS the data in the web catalogues is taken directly from the assessment information set up by the department owning the unit. Please ensure that you inform Helen Buick of any changes made to the assessment of ALL units so that the web catalogues can be kept up-to-date. For information and help on processing assessments in SAMIS please see the SAMIS manuals at If you require further assistance please contact SAMIS Support.
Fees charged to the Acquirer by Visa/MasterCard to maintain the Interchange system.
Fees paid quarterly by members to VISA and MasterCard to support marketing and operating activities.
Processes that involve analyzing and evaluating the state of scientific knowledge (and the associated degree of scientific certainty) and, in interaction with users, developing information applicable to a particular set of issues or decisions.
Sums of money paid periodically to the guaranty association by solvent member insurers to provide funds to pay claims of impaired insurers.  [Statutory reference Tex.Ins.Code art. 21.28-C, Secs.18-20
The right to secure additional payments from partners or co-venturers in a project.