Definitions for "Levy "
Assess or collect, as with a tax.
The act of levying or collecting by authority; as, the levy of troops, taxes, etc.
That which is levied, as an army, force, tribute, etc.
A name formerly given in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia to the Spanish real of one eighth of a dollar (or 12½ cents), valued at eleven pence when the dollar was rated at 7s. 6d.
The Canadian Government (Herritage Minister Shelia Copps) created in 2000 a 21 cent levy on all CD-R media to attempt to counter the downloading of music and the copying of software. Current changes to this regulation are before parliment which would see a trippling of this tarrif on CD-R and would, if passed, pave the way for its addition to DVD-R, blank VHS, cassettes, Compact Flash cards (digital cameras), MP3 Players and even some or all hard-drives.
The annual charge to members for the administration of the points club in addition to any other management charges made for the use of a week. It is also a one-time charge for major or unexpected costs made to owners by an Owners Club or Management Company.
In a points club, the annual charge to members to pay for administration of the club in addition to any management charge or supplementary management charge made for actual use of a week. Also a one-time charge made to owners by an Owners Club or Management Company to pay for major or unexpected costs. See also: special assessment.
A charge billed to each unit to enable the body corporate to meet its commitments.
Levy is a Perl script which generates a basic iptables ruleset based on a given external interface and a set of ports to open. It is designed to save time in creating a skeleton ruleset to work from, though it can construct a fully functional firewall with NAT support.
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a Vancouver writer
To gather or exact; as, to levy money.
is the money that the Council has to pay the Government from the sale proceeds when LSVT (see below) takes place.
an amount of money that employers have to pay to the South African Revenue Service (SARS) for skills development of employees
an educator, clinical psychologist of Jungian orientation and art-therapist
An fee payable to the Superintendent of Bankruptcy for the purpose of defraying the expenses of the supervision by the Superintendent in the administration of estates.
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Short name for Porthleven, one of the UK's best reef breaks
a heavy-handed instrument to solve the problem of informing a population which has easy access to a multitude of information sources
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a form of compulsory license
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The legal term for enforced collection by the IRS. The IRS may levy your wages (salary), commissions, the cash value of life insurance, licenses or franchises, securities, contracts, demand notes, accounts receivable, rental income, dividends, retirement accounts, etc. For more information on Notice of Levy
This is the owner's proportionate share of the costs incurred by the complex for the month.
a payment that a local authority is required to make to a particular body (a levying body). Levying bodies include national parks authorities and passenger transport authorities.
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the act of drafting into military service
This is an amount that a pension scheme has to pay each year. The amount depends on how many members are in the scheme. There are two types, the general levy and the compensation levy .
To arrange (a fine) in settlement of a suit to establish title to land
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a better way of funding the Chamber
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a very different thing
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An option model.