Definitions for "drafting"
The vacuum left in the trail of any fast-moving car which can often “pull” following cars forward. Drafting enables a trailing driver to increase speed and save fuel.
Drivers race in single file and share air flow among them. The first car creates a vaccum that actually pulls the car behind it. Together the cars cut through the air much faster than they do separately.
A procedure where a car gets closer to the car in front and gets pulled along by the vacuum created by the car in front as it passes thru the air. This also helps to push the front car. This allows the cars to gain speed and save fuel.
the craft of drawing blueprints.
a creation of artistic drawings.
The process of preparing cartographic reproduction material by means of drawing with pencil, pen and ink, or scribing according to specifications. (See Specifications ("specs")).
the pulling out and reducing of fibers
Drafting is the pulling of water from a source other than accepting pressurized water from a hydrant or another fire apparatus. Cisterns, lakes, ponds and swimming pools are often used in drafting operations. Many departments in rural areas without fire hydrants use drafting. Although Maumelle firefighters are fortunate to have a strong water system with reliable hydrants, they must use drafting techniques when training at the department's burn bunker. The bunker is located in Lake Willastein Regional Park, which has no fire hydrants.
Sucking water into a pump from a still water source
When reservoir water levels are reduced or lowered.
using a suction pump to lift water from below the pump, using a semi-rigid suction hose, typically to fill a portable reservoir that has other suction pumps (to relay) or siphon hoses running downhill to their nozzles.
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The order in which warp threads are drawn through the heddle or heald eyes. This will determine the weave of the fabric when the shafts, holding the heddles or healds are mounted into the loom. See heddle and healds.
The opposite of air braking. Letting somebody else do the hard work of pushing all that air out of the way for you. Stokers (see entry for tandem) normally do this without thinking too much about it.
Moving from notes and an outline to the general shape and form of a "final" essay. Writers often go through multiple "drafts" of an essay, moving ideas around, tinkering with the language, and double-checking facts.
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An early stage in the writing process characterized by composing thoughts into a cohesive text.
A process which reduces the linear density of an assembly of fibres. Drafting typically occurs in the early stages of producing yarns from staple fibres.
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See "Tow."
writing a first version to be filled out and polished later.