Definitions for "Plotter"
Plotter displays bitmaps with "fireworks", pixel by pixel. it requires gdi+ and displays either a bitmap specified from the command line or the bitmap in its resources .
Plotter is a GTK+ mathematical graph plotting application. It is written entirely in Python using the PyGtk bindings. Features of Plotter include plotting of cartesian, parametric, and polar equations. An unlimited number of plots can be displayed in individual colours. Plotter supports graph zooming and panning, and loading and saving of sets of graphs.
A device that uses a certain type of pen for drawing images, much like a standard printer. It is generally used for printouts that are large, or require greater precision than a standard printer offers.
Combined map or chart instrument having a protractor with ability to rotate and a scale rule. Sometimes called a Douglas Protractor.
a clerk who marks data on a chart
One who plots or schemes; a contriver; a conspirator; a schemer.
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a member of a conspiracy
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a deceitful person
Machine in Layout which is programmed with all trim size and margins to create an underlay that is used for the layout of text pages to correct imposition. to top
a program designed for those of us who don't need the bells and whistles of WYSIWYG but require some method of quickly getting the plot to paper and generating Instrument Schedules , Color Cut Lists, etc
a server based function plotting program which is simple to use and highly customizable with many parameters at the same time