Definitions for "Hard Copy"
The printed version of any document created using a computer programme, such as a Word-processor. We used to refer to these as papers, pamphlets and books.
A proof on paper or other substrate as distinguished from a soft proof, which is an image on a VDT, screen.
The final, typeset, proofed and approved text (copy) used in a job for print.
In computer graphics and in telecommunications, a permanent reproduction, on any media suitable for direct use by a person, of displayed or transmitted data.
artwork for reproduction that is not a computer file.
The permanent visual record of artwork or graphics (i.e. a fax, photocopy, or an original)
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The original document of an application, credit slip, sales draft/slip.
The original document of a transaction, such as sales drafts, credit slips, etc.
picture looked at when selecting tattoos
A book or periodical not in electronic format.
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