Definitions for "Microform"
Any form containing greatly reduced images, or microimages, usually on microfilm. Roll, or generally serialized, microforms include microfilm on reels, cartridges, and cassettes. Flat, or generally unitized, microforms include microfiche, microfilm jackets, aperture cards, and microcards, or micro-opaques. See also MICROIMAGE.
A greatly reduced photographic reproduction of printed material on film, cards or rolls.
A general term applied to all forms of microreproduction on film or paper, e.g. microfilm, microfiche, microopaque.
A microscopic form of life; an animal or vegetable organism of microscopic size.
Forms of reproduction in a size too small to be read without enlargement
A generic term for any medium, transparent or opaque, bearing micro-images.
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The qualifier used to limit searches to microform or not microform.