Definitions for "Printer"
One who prints; especially, one who prints books, newspapers, engravings, etc., a compositor; a typesetter; a pressman.
A mechanical output device that can print text, and sometimes graphics, on paper. (Kybdy, Gr. 1; Terms, Gr. K-3)
Device that produces printed-paper output.
To see a printer in your dreams, is a warning of poverty, if you neglect to practice economy and cultivate energy. For a woman to dream that her lover or associate is a printer, foretells she will fail to please her parents in the selection of a close friend.
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a lot like a razor
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an important part of your home office, so don't be afraid to take one for a test drive to see what it can do
the person who oversees the physical reproduction of learning materials, including collating, binding and packaging.
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The piece of equipment that every "Printer Manufacturer" wants to sell you very cheap. Then wait with great anticipation for the day you return to the store and purchase that expensive consumable product.
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a standalone product that prints labels directly onto CD or DVD media
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the company which actually makes a postcard.
A machine that exposes raw film stock to negatives of the movie's soundtrack and picture, at speeds up to 20 times faster than film is projected, to create a release print. The rapid, simultaneous printing of sound and picture contributes significantly to the relatively low cost of 35 mm optical release prints (see Optical soundtrack).
A printer is a company that provides commercial printing services, involving typesetting, printing and book-binding. The term can also refer to people who operate printing presses, or who run printing companies. The latter are now more commonly called publishers.
a vessel of new images and ideas creatively bringing you to port
In printing trade, person who owns or manages print shop or runs printing press. In 4-color process printing, one of the separation negatives.
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someone whose occupation is printing
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See Master Printer.
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The company that prints and usually binds the book; in other words, produces the final product.
Film or plate of a single colour produced in the colour separation process.
an example of an object for which a remote implementation is natural
The person or firm that manufactures printed materials.
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a very useful tool to have
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a separate item
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a seller of printed materials and is required to collect tax on sales
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Person who sets type in a form for printing; owner of printing business