Definitions for "compulsory"
The routine that must be performed at a competition.
Pre-designed routine that contain specific skills / moves required of the trampolinist. Also known as "Set".
A routine in which the elements are pre-determined by an organization such as USAG or FIG. All gymnasts competing compulsory routines must perform specified skills in a specified order. Compulsory routines have been eliminated from higher level gymnastics competitions to allow for more time to develop optional routines.
Indicates whether or not an answer is required. In DealBuilder, compulsory is a property of the variable. In HotDocs, you have the option, through dialog scripting, to REQUIRE a variable be answers. In GhostFill, requirement can be handled either by datavalidation or through event scripting.
Required by rule or law
This is shorthand for compulsory insurances. Some lenders, at least for certain mortgages, insist that you take out their buildings insurance which needn't necessarily be the most cost effective on the market. Our Mortgage Wizards allow you to select out these products if you wish to (although sometimes of course, the mortgages can be so good that it outweighs the potential disadvantage of taking the compulsory insurance).
Obligatory; enjoined by authority; necessary; due to compulsion.
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Having the power of compulsion; constraining.
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a form put together by a international committee that creates standard form in the Wushu world
Compelled; mandated by legal process or by statute.
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School Age See statutory school age.
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