Definitions for "Obligatory"
(1) (adjective for finesse) in the form of a duck in the hope that an opposing high card will drop [For example, if declarer, with king=fourth opposite queen-fourth, leads to an honor that holds the trick, the usual play is to play low from both hands on the next round of the suit.](2) (adjective for falsecard) required to preserve best chances. [For example, if declarer, South, leads a low card toward dummy's king-jack-low and wins the trick, West has an obligatory falsecard of the queen when the king is cashed (bexause declarer presumably already knws that he holds that card. Other such falsecards are more subtle.
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Obligatory or 'Fard' is a necessity such as salaah.
required by obligation or compulsion or convention; "he made all the obligatory apologies"
obligate or required: ie. and obligatory cleaner fish relies entirely on this feeding mode to obtain nutrients (compared to facultative).
The legal requirement of a debtor, obligor, to pay a debt and the legal right of a creditor, obligee, to demand satisfaction of a debt or enforce payment in the event of default.
Binding in law or conscience; imposing duty or obligation; requiring performance or forbearance of some act; -- often followed by on or upon; as, obedience is obligatory on a soldier.
morally or legally constraining or binding; "attendance is obligatory"; "an obligatory contribution"
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obligatoire Renting items
the practitioner undertakes (eg by signing agreement to a code of conduct) to do CPD; the practitioner is expected to fulfil the obligation. Although not being required to furnish evidence every year, the practitioner is expected to have the evidence and produce it if requested.