Definitions for "Facultative"
Indicates that a bacterium is able to grow in the presence or absence of an environmental condition (e.g., facultative aerobe).
adjective indicating a bacterium is able to grow in either the presence or absence of an environmental factor (i.e. for oxygen, facultative anaerobe; for growth inside cells, facultative intracellular)
prefers but not absolute, e.g., facultative anaerobe
Having relation to the grant or exercise faculty, or authority, privilege, license, or the like hence, optional; as, facultative enactments, or those which convey a faculty, or permission; the facultative referendum of Switzerland is one that is optional with the people and is necessary only when demanded by petition; facultative studies; -- opposed to obligatory and compulsory, and sometimes used with to.
Having the power to live under different conditions; as, a facultative parasite, a plant which is normally saprophytic, but which may exist wholly or in part as a parasite; -- opposed to obligate.
capable of living under varied conditions; common in both clean and polluted waters.
Reinsurance of individual risks at the option of the reinsurer and the ceding company, whether under a treaty of reinsurance or by negotiation in respect of an individual risk. The reinsurer is free to accept or reject the offerings of the ceding company. The reinsurer may specify its own ratings or terms for the reinsurance.
Facultative coverage is a form of reinsurance where the reinsurer accepts or rejects individual risks. If a member of a group captive has an individual need for additional coverages not shared by the group, these coverages can be placed facultatively with the captiveâ€(tm)s reinsurance treaty.
Facultative reinsurance means reinsurance of individual risks by offer and acceptance wherein the reinsurer retains the faculty to accept or reject each risk offered.
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somewhat sensitive to pollution and require good water quality.
This term refers to organisms that can adapt to pollution but prefer unpolluted conditions.
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Of such a character as to admit of existing under various forms or conditions, or of happening or not happening, or the like;
referring to a condition that may or may not occur in a species, for instance facultative mutualisms are ones where one or both species that have a mutualistic relationship may also have populations that live independently of that mutualism.
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Pertaining to a faculty or faculties.
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of or relating to the mental faculties