Definitions for "Parasites"
Animals that live on or in other animals
Plants or animals that live off another creature (or even inside it), obtaining food and protection without offering any benefit in return.
Very small or microscopic live forms that live on or in other animals. Can be passed from animal to animal by fleas, food or contact.
Black Walnut, Asafeotida, Garlic
Garlic, Golden Seal, Black Walnut and Mullein.
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Parasites are an American pop-punk band originally formed in 1985 by guitarist and singer Dave Parasite (a.k.a. Nikki Parasite) and bassist Ron Nole, formerly of the locally-known band, The Accelerators, in New Jersey. Dave later relocated to Berkeley, California, forming a new band with local players.
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The Puppet Masters parasites were stingray shaped exo-parasites in the movie Puppet Masters (film).
The parasites in the movie The Faculty were a sinister race of endo parasites that attempted to control the Human race.
Worms or larvae that may occur occasionally in fish. All processors carefully inspect fish for parasites and cut out any discovered prior to shipment. Dead parasites are harmless but unappetizing.
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Small children (no flames please) that get in your way when you work in the yard. Many gather in swarms at horse shows.
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See Parasite.