Definitions for "Parasitism"
living by exploitation of others.
An interaction in which one organism feeds on another organism, harming (but generally not killing) it.
The condition of living in or on another organism (the host) to obtain food, without killing that host but usually debilitating it (noun); but see also the term parasitoidism.
Parchment-like Parenchyma Parenchyma are isodiametric cells that are thin-walled and not extremely specialized. It is found in the cortex, pith and pith ra y of the dicot stem and in the ground parenchyma of the monocot stem. It is the main lateral transport cell in the xylem and phloem. DIAGRAM: Stem Tangential Section Tissue Types Monocot Vascular Bundle Hydathode PHOTO: Pinus Stem Radial Section Monocot Vascular Bundle Cross Section Leaf Cross Section
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a parasite mode of life or existence where one lives off another in order to survive.
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The state or behavior of a parasite; the act of a parasite.
The state of being parasitic.