Definitions for "nematode"
Any worm of the phylum Nematoda; a roundworm; -- they are unsegmented worms having a cylindrical elongated body. They may live freely in soil or water, or as parasites in plants or animals.
Any un-segmented worm of the class Nematoda, having a tough outer cuticle. The group includes free-living forms and disease-causing parasites, such as the hookworm and filaria. Also called: nematode worm, roundworm
roundworms, often internal parasites of animals and plants. The latter are significant economic pests on foodcrops as few crops are immune to attacks of these creatures which inhabit the soil about the roots of plants. The development of nematode-resistant varieties of crop plants is important to food growth economics. [CUB, modified by JVG
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Same as Nematoid.