Definitions for "Practitioner"
One who is engaged in the actual use or exercise of any art or profession, particularly that of law or medicine.
Any individual entitled by training and experience to practice a profession. Established laws govern practice licensure and the practice boundaries.
means a Doctor, a Dentist, or a Midwife who holds a current annual practising certificate.
One who is involved in this system of consciousness expansion, for the evolution of self and humanity. Any student or teacher of spiritual practice who earnestly seeks the embodiment of truth as a focus of daily living.
One who has completed foundation work and demonstrated integrity, earning the endorsement of the metaphysical/spiritual community.
a master at using the Spiritual Laws of this universe to reveal our own innate wholeness
Professional charged with guiding children's learning including teachers, caregivers and assistants.
Educator in any sector, for example,teacher, lecturer, tutor.
Assistant teacher, teacher, administrator, or professional support staff (e.g., curriculum coordinator) in a center- or school-based early childhood program. The caregiver in a family or group child care home.
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a misandrist
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A sly or artful person.
One who does anything customarily or habitually.
The generic term for people able to use magick for their own ends. It encompasses both witches (qv) and wizards (qv). See Practitioners.
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a full-time healer
a member of the larger community of vibrant, intellectually stimulating and caring people who take responsibility for creating win-win results in their interactions
a member or employee of the firm whose primary function is to dispense legal advice or services
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