Definitions for "Nurse Practitioner"
A nurse practitioner (NP) is a registered nurse with advanced academic and clinical experience, which enables him or her to diagnose and manage most common and many chronic illnesses, either independently or as part of a health care team.
A registered nurse with a master's or doctoral degree. Licensed nurse practitioners are trained to diagnose and manage illness and disease. In some states, NPs can prescribe medications.
A registered nurse qualified and specially trained to provide primary care, including primary health care in homes and in ambulatory care facilities, long-term care facilities, and other health care institutions. Nurse practitioners generally function under the supervision of a physician but not necessarily in his/her or her presence. They are usually salaried rather than reimbursed on a fee-for-service basis, although the supervising physician may receive fee-for-service reimbursement for their services. Are also considered midlevel practitioners.
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an RN who has earned a special certification through additional education and experience
a nurse, most commonly a BSN, with several years of experience who goes on to a separate school
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a nurse first