Definitions for "Blood type"
Specific proteins of red cells that are inherited from the parents, and are important to find compatible (matched) blood. Tested with antisera in the blood bank
a category used to describe a person's blood according to the kinds of proteins present on the surface of the red blood cells
the specific class of blood based on the presence or absence of antigens on the red blood cells. The main groups are A, B, AB, O.
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The particular kind of blood each person has. The types are A, B, AB and O.
blood group to which you belong. You can have A, AB, B or O type blood.
Blood Type is an album of the Russian rock group Kino, released in 1988. It was reissued in 1996 by MOROZ Records.
classification of blood according to its chemical composition
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a function of your DNA, as is your eye color