Definitions for "ABO"
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accumulated benefit obligation. The actuarial present value of the pension benefits earned to date. Measurement of the accumulated benefit obligation uses the historical compensation rates for pay-related benefit plans. The ABO must be disclosed in a footnote to the financial statements.
Accumulated Benefit Obligation. Accumulated dividend Accumulated profits tax Accumulation
Stocks See: Accumulated Benefit Obligation
Admin Base Objects. A distributed COM (DCOM) object that implements the IMSAdminBase interface methods that enable an application to manipulate IIS metabase. ABO is often confused with admin objects.
The most important of several blood group systems for typing human blood, based on the presence or absence of two antigens (A and B) on the surface of red blood cells. Blood types are A, B, AB, and O.
Each individual has a particular blood type that is identified by one of the major blood groups - A, B, O, or AB. Matching of donor and recipient by blood group is essential to organ transplantation. Jump to Top
the major blood groups system. People can be either A, B, O or AB. Among the donor population, the approximate breakdown of blood groups is: Group O - 45%; Group A - 40%; Group B - 11% and Group AB - 4%.
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Area Beat Officer - (Thames Valley Police)
Association of British Orchestras
Automatic Busy Override.
Adaptive Business Operations
a dark-skinned member of a race of people living in Australia when Europeans arrived
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agents of biological origin