Definitions for "SRA"
(Supplemental Retirement Annuity) This represents employee's voluntary contributions to the University's retirement plan. During the first two years of eligible employment before the University match begins,employees may contribute to an SRS their total percentage or dollar amount After two years,employees may contribute to an SRA the percentage or dollar amount above the required 5% to the basic plan. There is more accessibility to accumulations in the voluntary SRA.
Supplemental Retirement Annuity. a TIAA-CREF tax-deferred savings vehicle. Contributions are made by participants through salary reduction, lowering a participant's taxable salary. Earnings on SRAs are also tax deferred. The accumulations are taxed as income when distributed. SRAs do not have a loan provision.
Supplemental Retirement Annuity. Similar to the Group Supplemental Retirement Annuity except offered under an individual rather than a group (employer) contract, in an employer's tax-deferred traditional and variable annuity plan. In most respects, SRA provisions are essentially identical to those for Group Supplemental Retirement Annuities. Under federal tax law, SRA amounts credited before January 1, 1989, can be withdrawn at any time; amounts credited thereafter can be withdrawn only after a Triggering Event. (There is no loan feature under the SRA contract.)
SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE. Severe trauma/torture experienced at the hands of a Satanic cult to cause dissociation into multiple identities so that some of those identities can be indoctrinated, programmed, and demonized, bringing the individual significantly under the control of the cult and the kingdom of darkness, generally without the knowledge of the Host personality.
satanic ritual abuse. The preferred term referring to charges that a group of individuals, assumed to be in association with a widespread conspiracy, practice physical, emotional, and spiritual abuse on unwilling victims in a ritualistic manner, especially in connection with a commitment to Satanism. This is distinguished from loner or isolated small group abuse.
SENIOR RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER. A professional real estate designation awarded by the Appraisal Institute to persons who have met minimum education and experience requirements related to the valuation and appraisal of residential property.
An appraisal designation denoting Senior Residential Appraiser (SRA), awarded by the Appraisal Institute. Membership is intended for professionals who specialize in the appraisal of residential properties including single family-homes, condominiums, townhouses, and multi-family structures up to four units.
The Society of Real Estate Appraisers. Back to the Top
Strategic Rail Authority.
Sabine River Authority of Texas - The Sabine River Authority of Texas was created by the Legislature in 1949 as an official agency of the State of Texas. The Authority was created as a conservation and reclamation district with responsibilities to control, store, preserve, and distribute the waters of the Sabine River and its tributary system for useful purposes.
Sustainable Rivers Audit. A program designed to measure the health of the rivers within the Murray-Darling Basin. The Audit aims to determine the ecological condition and health of river valleys in the Murray-Darling Basin; to give us a better insight into the variability of river health indicators across the Basin over time; and to trigger changes to natural resource management by providing a more comprehensive picture of river health that is currently available.
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Seattle Restaurant Associates
States li a href http uk srd yahoo com S D CS SS SIG sib sps http A www srarodeo com Southern Rodeo Association
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Secure Remote Access is a feature set that is pre-installed into all ePipe units. SIA enables remote workers to access the head office network through the Internet from their PCs using Microsoft VPN adapter. PPTP is used to establish a secure link between the remote worker are the central office network. An activation key must be purchased from ePipe Pty Ltd to activate this feature.
Surface Resources Act
State Responsibility Areas. Areas in which the primary responsibility for preventing and suppressing fires is that of the state. The SRA lands consist mostly of privately owned forestlands, watershed, and rangelands. The SRA lands must be designated as such by the Board of Forestry and must be covered wholly or in part by timber, brush, or other vegetation that serves a commercial purpose or that serves a natural resource value.
State Referee Administrator - The person responsible for the referee program in the state. The SRA develops programs and oversees referees who officiate in matches across the state. Contact the SRA.
Scientific Review Administrator. NIH health scientist administrators in charge of review and advisory groups.
Scientific research allowances. Whether of a capital nature or otherwise (costs of exploration work) qualifies for full write-off as incurred.
SAFE REFUGE AREA. An area within the Contamination Reduction Zone for the assemblage of individuals who are witnesses to the hazardous substance/material incident or were on-site at the time of the release.  This assemblage will provide for the separation of contaminated persons from non-contaminated persons.
State Recreation Area
Standard Reinsurance Agreement. A contract issued annually between the FCIC and a private insurance company that allows the private insurance company to market, underwrite, and adjust crop insurance policies.
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surveillance radar approach
An agreement between landlord and provider allowing for subletting the unit to program participants.
Student Recruitment and Admissions
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Settlement Residue Auction
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Sub-replaceable Assembly
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screening risk assessment
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Special Repair Activity
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International paper sizes.
SRA0 – 900 x 1280mm SRA1 – 640 x 900mm SRA2 – 450 x 640mm SRA3 – 320 x 450mm SRA4 – 225 x 320mm