Definitions for "REB"
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(Yid.): for Mr.
"mister" (Yiddish)
rebbe (Yiddish, "rabbi") — Applied generally to a teacher or Hasidic rabbi.
Research Ethics Board. A group of doctors, scientists, consumers and others which is not affiliated with the sponsor. The mandate of the REB is to evaluate all aspects of the clinical trial to ensure that it complies with Canadian regulations, is ethical and protects the safety and rights of study participants. All clinical trials to be conducted in Canada must be approved by an REB before they begin. Sometimes called an Institutional Review Board (IRB).
Review Ethics Board. An independent group of professionals designated to review and approve the clinical protocol, informed consent forms, study advertisements, and patient brochures, to ensure that the study is safe and effective for human participation. It is also the REB's responsibility to ensure that the study adheres to Health Canada's regulations.
Research Ethics Board. Groups of scientists, doctors, clergy, and consumers at each health care facility or university at which a clinical trial takes place. Designed to protect patients who take part in studies, REBs review and must approve the protocols for all Clinical Trials. They check to see that the study is well-designed, does not involve undue Risks, and includes safeguards for Participants.
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Réacteur à eau bouillant
`johnny' was applied as a nickname for Confederate soldiers by the Federal soldiers in the American Civil War; `grayback' derived from their gray Confederate uniforms
Rapid-Rate Exfiltration Basin. An artificial impoundment that provides for fluid losses through percolation/seepage as well as through evaporative losses.
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Dutch tax on gas and electricity, exemption for CHP
Resident Benefits Pay. Dollar amount given to house-staff residents to help pay for Health and Dental insurance.
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Regional Education Bureau