Definitions for "GCP"
Good Clinical Practices - refers to the regulations and requirements that must be complied with while conducting a clinical study. These regulations apply to the manufacturers, sponsors, clinical investigators, institutional review boards and the medical device.
Good Clinical Practice - guidelines for the conduct of clinical trials of medicines.
Good Clinical Practice. Principles and guidelines of good clinical practices to ensure that the performance of clinical trials and testing of pharmaceutical products in man is based on the protection of human rights and human dignity. Regulations concerning manufacturing, uptake, design, processing and reporting of clinical studies for pharmaceutical products which are foreseen for human use.
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acronym for the Grey Congress Party, a political party of the Kingdom. Centrist, it was founded in 2002 when Tomás Gariçéir and Chris Gruber left the PC. It dissolved in mid-2004.
Glass Clad Polycarbonate. One or more lites of flat glass bonded with an aliphatic urethane interlayer to one or more sheets of extruded polycarbonate in a pressure/temperatuer/vacuum laminating process.
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Giant Carnivorous Plankton
Guild of Complementary Practitioners
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ground control point
Physical points on the ground whose positions are known with respect to some horizontal coordinate system and/or vertical datum. When mutually identifiable on the ground and on a map or photographic image, ground control points can be used to establish the exact spatial position and orientation of the image to the ground. Ground control points may be either horizontal control points, vertical control points or both.
Graphics Control Processor.
Gamma Commissioning Plan. Means one of the Gamma Network's different rewarding Plans.
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Global Conservation Program