Definitions for "DSMB"
Keywords:  buoy, reel, divers, marker, uninflated
Delayed Surface Marker Buoy. An inflatable surface buoy (usually a suasage style buoy) that is carried uninflated during the dive. Just prior to ascent, the buoy is inflated and released to the surface attached to a line and reel. The ascent can then be carried out up the line, and the surface cover can see where the divers are surfacing. Very useful on dives where returning up a fixed shot line is difficult.
Delayed Surface Marker Buoy. An inflatable, sausage shaped buoy that is inflated below the surface. It is attached to a reel held by a diver and is used to identify the location of underwater divers.
Data Safety Monitoring Board. A board set up by a clinical trial sponsor to evaluate trial progress, safety data, and significant outcomes according to FDA regulations. This committee, comprising community representatives and clinical research experts, may also recommend revisions or discontinuation of a clinical trial if the trial objectives remain unmet or safety concerns arise.
Data Safety Monitoring Board. a group of independent researchers who review the data while the trial is going on, to determine if one drug or drug dose is markedly safer or more effective than another
(Data and Safety Monitoring Board) A committee of independent clinical research experts who review data while a clinical efficacy trial is in progress to ensure that participants are not exposed to undue risk. Also monitors the trial for differences in infection rates between those receiving the vaccine and those receiving placebos.