Definitions for "CTA"
Commodity Trading Advisor. An individual or firm which advises others about buying and selling futures and/or futures options.
CTAs (Commodity Trading Advisors) are professional money managers who advise others as to the advisability of buying or selling commodity futures or option contracts.
Commodity Trading Advisor. Individuals or firms that, for a fee, issue analysis or reports concerning commodities, provide advice to others trading commodity futures, options, or leverage contracts.
Abbreviation for: control area Fr: CTA
Abbreviation for ontent argeted d(vertising). It refers to the placement of relevant PPC ads on content pages for non-search engine websites. Return to Top of SEO Glossary
Call target analysis. The analysis of the performance of agents doing telemarketing. The analysis is based on the forms that agents complete whilst doing calls.
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Clinical Training Agency
Clinical Trial Authorisation, the authorisation from the MHRA to conduct a CTIMP. No CTIMP can commence in the UK without both a CTA and a favourable ethical opinion. Applications to the MHRA and the REC may be made in parallel.
Clinical Trial Assistant. Person who assists in the day-to-day operations of a research project
Call to Action. The segments of an infomercial program that specially motivate the customer to call and order the product. Usually two to three minutes long and reviewing the product's main features and benefits. It also states the products' guarantee, price, send check to address, toll free number, credit cards accepted, etc.
CALL TO ACTION. Segment of an infomercial that asks for the order. Each infomercial CTA is usually two minutes long and reviews the products main features and benefits, states the products' guarantee, price, toll free number, etc.
Control Area. An area of controlled airspace extending upwards from specified limit agl.
acronym for Controlled Airspace, an area or zone where all air traffic is strictly controlled ( Federal Aviation Association). Controlled airspace is designated class A, B, C, D or E.
Area being controlled by Air Traffic Control
Centro de Tratamiento de Adicciones
Cable Telecommunications Association.
Canadian Theatre Agreement see
Cable Television Association - the UK trade organisation representing the interests of cable operators, installers, equipment providers and programme providers
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Cordless Terminal Adaptor; a DECT term CTM
Cellulose triacetate, type of RO membrane generally for water filtration submitted by Albinooscar
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Cum testamento annexo, with will attached
Construction Training Australia, the national industry training advisory body for the construction industry.
Construction Training Australia, a national industry training advisory body.
Conservation Technical Assistance. CTA has been the central activity of the Natural Resources Conservation Service since it was established in 1936. NRCS field staff help landowners and farm operators plan and implement soil and water conservation and water quality practices. The most common use of this program in recent years has been preparing and updating conservation compliance plans. In FY1993, CTA assisted 1.2 million farmers and serviced 62 million acres.
CTA Child Protection (Elaine Nile) Party - 1998 election
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Care Taker Agency (ex: Dept. of Job & Family Services, foster care)
County Transportation Authority
Chicago Transit Authority
Consolidated Tape Association. Operating authority for exchange-listed securities information.
composite tissue allotransplantation; refers to multiple tissues transplanted from human to human. These include nerves, skin, muscles, tendons, bones, cartilage, and fat.
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Conditioned Taste Aversion
Contractual Trust Agreement. Contractually regulated, company trust fund for the transfer of assets to be used to finance pension payments.
Contractual Trust Arrangement
Name given by charge card company for department account used primarily to charge airfare.
Cumulative Translation Adjustment
Competitive Transition Assessment. The part of a consumer's electric bill that allows the electric distribution company to recover stranded costs.
An identification and ranking of risks method for personnel health and safety.
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Call to Action. A direction to the viewer to respond in some way (usually to buy).
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cap rate comfort letter
The percentage of people who take action after clicking on an ad.
(see "call to action")
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delivery price first board
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Corporate Tax Act
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common table of allowances
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common table of allowance