Definitions for "Page Rank"
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A proprietary numerical score that is assigned by Google to every web page in their index. PR for each page is calculated by Google using a special mathematical algorithm, based on the number and quality (as determined by Google) of the inbound links to the page. Paid Inclusion - Some directories will only consider placing your URL into their database if you pay them a fee. Yahoo charges a $299 per year evaluation fee for commercial sites. Note that this fee doesn't guarantee that your URL will be accepted and placed in the Yahoo database, but rather that Yahoo will consider your site for inclusion in a timely manner. If your site is rejected, you're just out your $299. But you do have an opportunity to appeal the decision.
Named after the founders of Google, one of the key elements used by Google to determine a site's relevance to a user's search. It is a measure of the quantity and relevance of links to a web page (not a web site). Hence there may be many links to a given web page, but if they are from irrelevant web pages, that destination web page will not necessarily have a high Page Rank. Click here for more info.
Devised by Google, it measures not only how many links point to a website, but the "quality" of the sites providing the links.
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