Definitions for "Google Bombing"
Term used to describe the process of artificially altering the ranking of a page by the use of links. It requires a concerted group effort from many different site owners who all agree to use the exact same link text in links that point to the same site. The linked-to site however may not even contain the text used anywhere on the page.
A method of getting a large number of backlinks targeting one keyword phrase in the link text so that a web page will come up for that keyword. For example: search "miserable failure" in Google.
A way of tampering with the relevance of search results, where anchor text may be tweaked to allow a site to come up when a link is clicked which has little or nothing to do with the purpose of that site. This is usually done by groups of bloggers to influence each other′s rankings positively. For example: if I have a web page which is about handbags, but 50 other sites include links to my site where the anchor text says fresh farm chickens , my site may appear first on the results list for someone searching for fresh farm chickens, even though my site is about handbags.