Definitions for "sitemap "
sitemap indexes all pages under the current directory and writes an HTML map page to standard output. The code looks for description information for each page in a meta 'description' header. If it doesn't find one, the page is omitted from the index.
A webpage used as an index of all of the pages on a website usually used for easy and full crawling of the website's pages from search engines Detailed description See also: SEO
A page consisting of links to all the pages of a web site. For a small site, your site map can have direct links to every page on your site. On the other hand, if your site consists of hundreds of pages organised in directories, the site map of might run into 2 or more pages. As the term suggests a site map is a map of the web site and can be a list of links or a more complex representation. Search engine crawlers, spiders or robots increasingly rely on a sitemap to find all of a websites pages and products. Google has implemented the Google free sitemap service for webs to submit maps of their entire sites. The sitemap guarantees that all of your pages will be considered for inclusion in the Google's index. Enclick provides an automated Google sitemap generation solutions.
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a clear representation of the overall plan of your web site, showing how the site will be structured, as well as how you'll arrange the content in it
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an area much like an index in a book or magazine
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a good place to do that from)
a good way of seeing which files are are in which directories