Definitions for "Redirect"
Send the output of one thing to another (e.g. redirect to a file).
In web terms: The action when a web page automatically forwards (redirects) the user to another web page.
An redirect is a command that tells the browser to go to another page after a certain amount of time. Redirects are often used when a URL has changed.
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Part of the ICMP and ES-IS protocols that allows a router to tell a host that using another router would be more effective.
A part of the ICMP protocol which allows a network server to tell a host to use another network server.
a specific kind of message using the ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol)
An ad that is served, but stored on a third-party ad server. The ad server receives the request for an ad and determines which ad to send, then redirects the request to the third-part ad server, which serves the ad that was selected by the ad server.
a method to send mail to a POP account either on our servers or any valid POP account hosted anywhere
a new request, so the model is lost
Diverting data from their normal destination to another.
To divert data from a process to a file or device to which it would not normally go.
a change in headers
Changing the direction of a vector by rerouting it; can increase control; for example, running the rope from the belayer's device through an anchor before going to the climber
To associate files with the input or output of commands.
an article that just points people towards a different article
The action used by some viruses to point a command to a different location. Often this different location is the address of the virus and not the original file or application.
LiveVault Online Backup Service allows you to restore data to a directory or volume on the Agent computer other than its original location.
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a handy little HTML trick
channel into a new direction; "redirect your attention to the danger from the fundamentalists"
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(See re-deployment)
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Applied to the examination of a witness, by the party calling him, after the cross-examination.
The second round of direct examination that occurs in the trial after cross-examination.
A packet switching function that routes a call to an alternative network address if the link to the original network is not available. It is carried out by the end point switches.
This is the process of delivery a mail piece to the new address of a customer that is availing of the Redirection service.
This means that incoming messages can be sent to a new recipient "by way of" you, maintaining the original sender's address in the From field.
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a very simple tool to add to your toolkit