Definitions for "Command line"
A prompt where directives are typed. More commonly handled by a GUI
The Command line, or system prompt, is the area where you enter commands in character-based systems like VM/CMS, DOS and Icarus.
A type of user interface which allows the user to interact with the computer by typing in commands.
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a string of characters sent from a DTE to the DCE while the DCE is in a command state
a string of characters sent from the DTE (e
The entire command string, including the command and any parameters or qualifiers that it may have. A command is an instruction or request for the system to perform a particular action. config.sys file: This file resides on all PCs, and it defines which device drivers it installs.
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A means of interacting with computer software by typing specific commands.
a method of sending commands to your computer, put in text form
Text-based mode of issuing commands to the computer.
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commands that a user types in in order to run an application
A method of changing the way Guild Wars runs.
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The open space at the top of your internet page that allows you to type in a URL and press go to jump to a web page.
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The MS-DOS prompt. See also command, prompt.