Definitions for "location"
Situation; place; locality.
That which is located; a tract of land designated in place.
The marking out of the boundaries, or identifying the place or site of, a piece of land, according to the description given in an entry, plan, map, etc.
Coordinates (geodetic latitude, longitude) of a point on the geoid, expressed in the Earth-fixed coordinate system.
The geographical position of real property in relation to its intended use. It is impossible to have a good or bad location without knowing the intended use.
geographic reference point for a site in latitude/longitude coordinates (UTM coordinates will also be used).
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A location is an item that the player may be inside. All locations have the attribute LOCATION and are defined using the keyword location.
where an item is kept in the library. OSU Libraries use 3-letter codes (such as BUS for Business Library) in the OSCAR catalog to show which library has the item. [Go to Top of Page
A field in GEMS (Job DataWork Location) that indicates the campus of employment.
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The place on the Internet where an Internet resource, such as a Web page, is stored. A location is identified by a Universal Resource Locator (URL). The URL box in Netscape is called Location.
When establishing a website, it is Ivery important/I to secure the .com domain name which would logically be associated with your company. Many people either don't know how to use search engines or have grown weary of using them. Instead, they just type in the obvious domain name for the company when they do not know the URL. To show how important it is, Gateway2000 can be used as a perfect example. As Gateway2000 began its website, it found was already taken by another technologically aggressive company with "Gateway" as part of its name. As a result, Gateway2000 had to settle for Over time, Gateway2000 and the WWW exploded with popularity. Gateway2000 felt many customers were lost when their page did not come up at when their primary competitors had theirs (Dell has and Micron is at Gateway2000 eventually aquired most likely after paying a premium price. Web traffic and revenue can be lost without the right location
"Where" a machine or server is located on the Internet. Each machine connected to the Internet has a unique identifier or locator assigned to it. This designates its location on the internet. The locator is the IP address.
The process by which the whereabouts, income, and/or assets of a non-custodial parent are identified and verified.
a logical or physical part of a document, such as a single page, a section or subsection, etc
The physical, electronic or logical whereabouts of something
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a full line Kubota tractor dealership
a full-service RV dealership offering new and pre
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Where a cubelet is located. Also position.
A term used in geography that deals with the relative and absolution spatial position of natural and human-made phenomena.
a three-dimensional point that represents a body's position
The type of instructional environment that is the appropriate place for providing services (e.g., resource room, regular classroom).
refers to setting on the continuum of alternative placements; it does not refer to the particular school, classroom, or teacher in which/by whom a child's IEP will be implemented
Refers to a building in the College where a class meets. Click here for information on how to find your classrooms.
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The facility name for hatchery release or, if preceded by (W), the wild brood stock name.
the complete path name for a file, including the name of the file and all directories, e.g., c:\dir1\dir2\file.txt on Windows and /dir1/di2/file.txt on Mac OS X
The name of a category and/or the special location containing a special.
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A leasing on rent.
renting (tenancy)
a destination city or departure airport for Dairy Air (i.e., one which is served by a Dairy Air flight)
container Container Information about a physical region (city, state, country). Note that such information about an issue's locale of incorporation actually applies to the issuer.
A location, with city-level granularity
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The region defined by the message
The term used to define the general area (i.e. downtown, midtown, midtown south, upper east side and upper west side).
a figure, and takes up one of the sixteen available slots in your warband build
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a better choice for a football stadium
A four- to six-digit number denoting the sixth part of the FOAPAL string. This is an optional part of the string. It is used primarily by facilities and construction managers to classify expenditures by location.
Area from which most of the lots in a given catalog will be shipped to the winning bidders. You can find this information on the catalog overview page for any upcoming auction.
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The location of the merchant and/or their processing area (as seen in Accounts CMA® Visa® Signature/Gold Delayed Debits).
a discrete working unit in the Rotagen system
Point at which a well is to be drilled. Commonly termed wellsite.
The U.S. State or Territory, Canadian Province, or Mexican State in which a specific inspection was conducted.
Location is the process by which information is gathered on a person for the purpose of establishing paternity and child support, enforcing and modifying a child support obligation, and distributing collections.
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To search for classes offered in a particular building, click the drop-down arrow and select the building you want from the pop-up menu.
To be able to live where I want to live.
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The lay of the land where any pilgrim may stand.
a point or extent in space
Storage space in the PIC-200 programmable memory. Each location is referenced by PAGE and KEY.
a node in your model for which fatigue stresses are to be stored
The basic level in the company structure (business hierarchy) - the individual retail store or shop.
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A contract for the use of a thing, or service of a person, for hire.
a group of things you store together, such as Reference files, Archive files, CDs, Videos, etc
a simple network configurations manager It allows to keep different settings and switching between them, so it is very useful for laptops.
A location is a specific relational database management system in an interconnected network of relational database management systems that participate in distributed relational database. A 'location' in this sense can also be a user database in a system configured with independent ASP groups.
In DB2 Universal Database for z/OS and OS/390, the unique name of a database server. An application uses the location name to access a DB2 database server.
This is a comment field used to store information that relates to the location of a machine and other important service information.
The most important factor in the value of a property.
An economic characteristic of land having the greatest effect on value in comparison to any other characteristic.
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a cell in the grid
A general concept for the typical values or central tendency of a distribution.
The contact's building or physical work location.
The distinction of employees or benefits within a group. Each location could be for different physical locations, job function or simply a different benefit plan.
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a term used in Web Edition to represent a feed group
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a computer memory storage area and CPU
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a few minutes from the colleges
CODE - The identification code of the county in which the fixed asset is located.
See "claim." Also, the process of claiming or appropriating a parcel of mineral land.
a group of servers connected across a high-bandwidth network
a function that can be registered by the event manager and called at a later point in time in order to continue an operation
a determination of the location of something; "he got a good fix on the target"
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a center of a component on the screen
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Delivery Point for a futures contract.
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a collection of rooms which are relatively close to each other
a particular element of a particular distributed range
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The base of operations for the vessel.
an office from which you provide corporate housing services
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The act or process of locating.
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See business location.
a state in the U