Definitions for "IEP"
Individualized Education Program. A written statement that is developed by the IEP team and translates evaluation information into a practical plan for specially designed instruction and delivery of services.
Individual Education Program (used for disabled students ages 3 through 21)
INDIVIDUALIZED EDUCATION PROGRAM. The plan written by the IEP team (including parents) that specifically describes the programs and services necessary for a free appropriate public education for the child with a disability.
Instituto de Ensino e Pesquisa
Instituto de Ecologia Politica (Institute for Political Ecology)
The ISO currency code for the Irish Punt.
In currencies, this is the abbreviation for the Irish Punt.
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An EMBOSS application. This calculates the isoelectric point of a protein from its amino acid composition assuming that no electrostatic interactions change the propensity for ionisation. Adjusting the pH of an aqueous protein solution to the point where the numbers of positive and negative charges on the protein are equal brings the protein to its isoelectric point. This is often the point of lowest solubility, presumably because it is the point at which there are fewest intermolecular repulsions, so that the molecules tend to form aggregates. The application can make a plot of the ionisation curve with respect to pH and can write an output file of the data.
Inferred from expression pattern: Transcript levels (e.g. Northerns, microarray data); Protein levels (e.g. Western blots)
Indicative Equilibrium Price. The equilibrium price between offered and demanded quantities, which is calculated by the ASE trading system. (see Equilibrium Price)
IP explicit path. List of IP addresses, each representing a node or link in the explicit path.
Interconnection extension path
Interactive Electronic Publication