Definitions for "Transition services"
A coordinated set of activities for an eligible individual, designed in an outcome oriented process, that promotes movement from school to postschool education, vocational training, integrated employment (including supported employment), continuing and adult education, adult services, independent living or community participation. The coordinated set of activities is based on the needs of the eligible individual, taking into account the individual's preferences and interests. The set of activities includes instruction, related services, community experiences, development of employment and other postschool adult living objectives, and, if appropriate, acquisition of daily living skills and functional vocational education.
Services needed by youth in transition, such as: Independent Living Skills Career Education Interpersonal Relationship Skills Leisure Time Training Vocational Training Job Placement On-Site Supervision Supervised Apartment Living
are a set of coordinated activities that address a child's transition out of school and into the adult world beginning at age 14.