Definitions for "Mainstreaming"
The practice of including students with disabilities or other special-education needs in regular classrooms, programs or activities.
Placement of a child with a disability in the regular classroom for part of the school day.
placing disabled students into regular education classes while meeting their individual needs
A process that enables activities to impact on policy and practice. This process includes identifying lessons, clarifying the innovative element and approach that produced the results, their dissemination, validation and transfer. More specifically, mainstreaming also defines the phase of transfer and the way in which other parties take account of the results, approaches and key elements elaborated.
Mainstreaming” means including the issue (i.e. racial equality and cultural competence) as an integral part in all aspects of research, planning, policy (development, monitoring, review and implementation), practices as an employer and procurer and deliverer of services. Mainstreaming requires consideration both of group needs and of individual needs since groups are not homogenous (e.g. Pakistani women and Chinese young people will have different needs not addressed by considering them both as “black/minority ethnic people”).
Realigning the allocation of mainstream resources such as the police and health services to better target the most deprived areas. More information...
The act of bringing ITS technology into everyday use by travelers and transportation professionals.