Definitions for "Full inclusion"
the child with a disability is a full member of a regular education class with no additional assignment to any special class. Under full inclusion, however, the child need not be in the classroom 100% of the time. (See in the matter of the Board of Education, Sacramento City Unified School District vs. Rachel Holland, et. al., 786 F Supp. 874 [United States District Court, Eastern District, California {1992}.] on appeal).
The practice of educating all children in neighborhood classrooms and schools; it implies an end to labeling and providing special education in separate classes.
An educational philosophy and approach by which all students, regardless of their disabilities and differences in learning capacities, receive all instruction in the general education classroom setting where support services are delivered as well. ¡@¦X²Õ§UÅ¥3/4¹(Group hearing-aids). ¦X²Õ§UÅ¥3/4¹¦w¸Ë¦b1/2ҫǤº¡A¤@¯ë¥i¦P®É¨Ñ10¦ì3/4ǥͨϥΪº§UÅ¥3/4¹®M¥ó¨t²Î¡C