Definitions for "Individualized Education Plan"
Also known as an IEP. A team of educators, parents and specialists meet annually by law to design or revise the IEP of a special-education student, spelling out educational goals, special needs and services the student requires. Once an IEP is drawn up, the school is obligated to provide the services it details.
A plan created by a child's special education teacher, other school staff and parents, that outlines specific skills the child needs to develop as well as learning activities and special accommodations to help build on a child's strengths. Includes specific services the school will provide to help meet the educational needs of a child.
a written plan prepared at an IEP meeting that includes the student's present level of educational performance, eligibility for special education, annual instructional goals and objectives, services to be provided, needed transition services, type of instructional setting and provisions for integration/mainstreaming in regular education programs.