Definitions for "Transition Plan"
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A plan which should form part of the first SEN Annual Review after the child's 14th birthday, and any subsequent Annual Review. The purpose of the plan is to draw together information from a range of individuals within and beyond the school, in order to plan coherently for the young person's transition to adult life.
The IEP must include …for each student with a disability beginning at age 16 (or younger, if determined appropriate by the IEP team), a statement of needed transition services for the student, including, if appropriate, a statement of the interagency responsibilities or any needed linkages. Transition plans promote movement from a school or post-school activity, including post-secondary education, vocational training, integrated employment, adult services, community participation, etc.
At age 14, children with a statement of special needs must have a transition plan for post-compulsory education.
Part of the program definition statement that describes how the transition from the current business operation to the new environment of the blueprint will be managed. [D02084] WST component of the program definition statement, describing how the transition is to be managed from the current business operation to the new blueprint environment. [D03968] PNG
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a detailed document, which should highlight the future needs of an individual and how they should be met