Definitions for "CST"
Measure of fuel volatility or viscosity.
Centistokes @ 50 Centigrade
Centistoke. A measure of the viscosity (flowability) of bunkers. The most common grades are CST 180 and 380.
Combat Service Team
combat support troop
Centro Studi sul Turismo
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Council for Science and Technology
CONTRACTION STRESS TEST. a test of the fetus's response to contractions
Consolidated Service Test
1. the extension for external cast file in Director entral tandard ime, time zone of Midwestern United States. One (1) hour earlier than EST, one (1) hour later than MST, and two (2) hours later than PST. Six (6) hours earlier than GMT. cursor - 1. a visual element used to indicate one's position on a computer screen. Common cursors include an arrow, an hourglass, or a watch. Command-line interfaces often use a blinking underscore or solid rectangle to indicate the insertion point. See LF. 2. a Lingo command which sets the cursor.
The Claremont School of Theology is a graduate school of theology. Materials in the CST library are included in Blais.
Customer Service Technician. These TDS Telecom employees work in our local operating companies and provide installation and repair service for our customers. Back to the top
Central Sales Tax
standard time in the 6th time zone west of Greenwich, reckoned at the 90th meridian; used in the central United States
Central Standard Time
acronym for Certified Surgical Technologist.
Computer Supported Telephony. Based on that the ability of the phone and computer system to exchange information. An example of such an application might be the ability to present information on screen, such as scripts, at the same time as an incoming call. Scripts are based on information that is gathered about the caller before the telephone is answered. It is generally achieved by the menu systems or alternatively by an identification of the incoming line which the caller has dialled.
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stomach, cardiac
CICS Supplied Transactions. A CICS reference manual.
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Cost exceeds limit