Definitions for "technician"
a person trained or skilled in the technical details of a particular art or science, especially one skilled at operating, maintaining, or repairing equipment, in contrast to the theory or informational content of a craft; -- formerly also called a technicist.
An individual who, after appropriate training, has the skills necessary to administer hearing screening.
(tek-nish'an) An individual who has the knowledge and skill required to carry out specific technical procedures. This individual usually has a diploma from a specialized school or an associate degree from college, or has received training through preceptorship.
A person familiar with installation and maintenance of systems.
a master of installation and typical fabrication
a member of one of our external services groups who is responsible for the inspection, testing, maintenance (ITM), and installation of our customers' equipment
One who invests based on technical analysis. also called technical analyst.
same as technical analyst
One who uses technical analysis to forecast price movements.
an individual who, under the supervision of a pharmacist, assists in the performance of activities of the pharmacy departmen
a person who works with your herd
a crew person who performs some kind of technical (as opposed to design) function (such as grips, gaffers, sound mixers, boom operators, script supervisors, etc.)
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a course, generally dull-way, that requires special abilities of bici-direction.
() an engineer who solves technical problems by using mathematics, science, and technology
a para-professional who has obtained a two year Associate degree in engineering technology
a person who has completed a two-year program of study and obtained an Associate in Science Degree
The Technician is the student newspaper of North Carolina State University. Its first edition was published in 1920, and it has been published continuously since that date.