Definitions for "Competent Person"
The SAMREC Code defines a Competent Person as a person who is registered with any one of SACNASP, ECSA, PLATO or any other statutory South African or international body that is recognised by SAMREC. A Competent Person should have a minimum of five years' experience relevant to the style of mineralisation and type of deposit under consideration and to the activity, which that person is undertaking.
a person who has acquired, through training, qualification, experience or a combination of these, the knowledge and skill enabling that person to inspect and test medical equipment
means one who has been trained to identify hazards in the workplace, or working conditions that are unsafe for employees, and who has the authority to have these hazards eliminated or controlled.
Activity Model: definition of Redirected documents The office which is given a competence and has, therefore, the authority and capacity to act within it.