Definitions for "Inspector"
One who inspects, views, or oversees; one to whom the supervision of any work is committed; one who makes an official view or examination, as a military or civil officer; a superintendent; a supervisor; an overseer.
A police officer, typically holding a rank one below superintendent, and in some cases in charge of several precincts; as, inspector Clousseau is investigating the case.
One whose duty is to secure by careful supervision the proper performance of work of any kind, and the proper kind of materials going into the work, all according to the plans and specifications.
A debugging tool that allows you to interactively examine and modify the components of a Lisp object.
an investigator who observes carefully; "the examiner searched for clues"
Any person who examines any component of a building, through visual means and through normal user controls, without the use of mathematical sciences.
A person appointed by creditors to represent them before the trustee during the administration of a bankruptcy or proposal.
See Mining Act R.S.O. 1990 section 1.
A person appointed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries as an inspector for the purposes of the Meat Act 1981 [New Zealand]. (4)
In insurance terms, an ‘inspector of agents' i.e. someone representing an insurance company who calls upon intermediaries who hold an agency with the company. The role is generally seen as a new business generating one.
An official of an insurance company concerned with the selling and servicing of insurances.
a official of an insurance company whose duties involve the selling and servicing of its policies either directly to the public or through intermediaries.
an essential part of the quality system, and ensures that components, production processes and in process products meet their designated quality standards, and that the facility
a trained generalist, identifying and sorting through the multitude of major systems and components, meeting state required "physical condition disclosure" requirements
In VisualAge for Java, a window in which you can evaluate code fragments in the context of an object, look at the entire contents of an object and its class, or access and modify the fields of an object.
a member function that returns information about an object's state (information stored in object's data members) without changing the object's state
a window that appears when you create a new Outlook object interactively
A person certified as a home Inspector by the Arizona Board of Technical Registration.
An individual who has completed training from an EPA approved program and has been licensed or certified by the appropriate state or local agency to perform a lead-based paint inspection. See previous entry above for "inspection".
Inspectors are impartial officers employed by the Department of Industrial Relations. They give advice and assistance and ensure the provisions of awards and agreements are observed and met.
An individual from any State Party who conducts an inspection of sensors or observation aircraft of another State Party.
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A this IDS based on host. The system makes a statistical analysis determines if a user is been worth or determines if a user can or not to execute processes.
an entity that executes a designated set of tests on specified nodes
One who exams property for deficiencies, required repairs.
The owner's on-site representative responsible for inspection and acceptance, approval, or rejection of work performed as set forth in these specifications.
One who performs a real estate inspection
The Engineer's authorized representative assigned to make detailed inspections of Contract performance.
a Java class and associated XML configuration element
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visits the school to check that you are being looked after properly MORE
A collection of tests that analyze a system's security settings.
A person whose responsibilities include reviewing work products created by others. All members should be considered inspectors in an inspection team.
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See Home Inspection.