Definitions for "Overseer"
One who oversees; a superintendent; a supervisor; as, an overseer of a mill; specifically, one or certain public officers; as, an overseer of the poor; an overseer of highways.
The person in charge of running the old poor law at the level of the parish or township.
A supervisor responsible for an entire department within a mill: carding, spinning, weaving, and finishing. Each mill's master mechanic and "outside boss" (over the village maintenance crews) were accorded honorary overseer status.
Rob Overseer (who publishes his music under just his last name) is a British DJ/producer, born in Salisbury whose works have been included in soundtracks for Animatrix, Snatch and Any Given Sunday, as well as video games like Need for Speed: Underground and Stuntman, among others. His songs are also frequently used in TV commercials such as Hairdo for Vodafone which featured his song Velocity Shift or the Endeavor commercial for Mitsubishi, which featured Horndog. Also, the MTV show Maui Fever features his single Horndog in the opening credits.
Ideally, everyone cares for everyone else in the meeting. In practice, some members of the meeting are appointed, for three years, to make sure this actually happens. That means they bring birthday cards for the meeting to sign, visit the sick, have bursary funds, ensure new attenders understand Quakerism and stuff to do with membership - and try to sort out crises.
Person appointed to oversee the execution of a will - someone to give help and advice but with no legal powers
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an elder, shepherd, or pastor
a person who directs and manages an organization
a person who is a good manager of resources and guardian of people
The colliery manager.
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Someone who keeps watch and directs the work of others
One who keeps watch over and directs the work of others, especially laborers.