Definitions for "Migrant"
A person who changes residence frequently in search of employment, especially farm labor, such as harvesting crops seasonally; also called migrant laborer or migrant worker. Sometimes the migrant worker is not a resident of the country in which the work is performed.
An animal that travels long distances.
A person who migrates, or moves from one place to settle in another, especially abroad.
any student whose family moves due to the temporary nature of agricultural-related work or food processing work
an individual who travels away from home on a regular basis, usually with a group of laborers to seek employment in an agriculturally related activity
a person who establishes "a temporary abode" in order to be employed in qualifying "agriculture
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Term applied to a animal that makes seasonal trips between breeding and wintering areas. The Purple Martin is the earliest tropical-wintering, migrant to return to the North American continent after spending the non-breeding season in South America.
A butterfly that makes regular long-distance flights.
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a person away for his or her home
a person with a different address one year before the Census to that on Census Day
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