Definitions for "Nonimmigrant"
a person (e.g. a visitor, a foreign student, an H1B worker, etc.) who is in the U.S. on a temporary basis. Many categories, such as visitor and student ( not H1B), require one to show s/he has nonimmigrant intent. Under the law, one is presumed to be an immigrant unless s/he proves otherwise. It is this rule that makes it difficult to obtain tourist and student visas at consulates.
An alien admitted to the United States temporarily; typically a student, tourist, or commuter/visitor for business or pleasure.
A foreign national who seeks temporary entry to the U.S. for specific purposes. In most cases the foreign national must have a permanent residence abroad and qualify for the nonimmigrant classification.
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a person coming to the US for a limited period of time who intends to return to another country after the stay in the US ends
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a person who is allowed to enter the U